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Body: Heidi could never

Born in the flames of ‘95, growing up with wolves, learning how to walk, flying high and currently resting on pillows: the story of a long-nailed german-iranian woman of trans* experience with sharp green eyes working with live arts and the communities. In the future she might lead a spiritual revolution, tour the world as a secret pop-star with big tits and/or meditate inside volcanoes until the end of time.

Von Chanel Liang

A soft and delicate flower like me deserves the rock hard sting of a bee. My physical weakness only receiving, taking your loads. Eat and drink all you can impregnate when you penetrate

Impregnate – Pariyestan

In need of help and shelter for my own abilities are insufficient. I await the devil’s coming fully braced for your embrace. Easy access all areas impregnate when u penetrate

Impregnate – Pariyestan

You promise protection, I trade my holes to worship your errection. Obedience I vow

Impregnate – Pariyestan

I will collect and nurture your seed. Impregnate when u penetrate

Impregnate – Pariyestan

I’m waiting for your authorization, please be generous, dear stranger. Give me the right to exist in your world non-consensual sexual objectification, eroticization of dominance and submission impregnate when you penetrate

Impregnate – Pariyestan

Photography: Chanel Liang
Model: Parisa Madani

26. Juni 2022

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