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Forgotten Flag

Nina Andre is a Visual Artist, Filmmaker and Cultural Worker. Her artwork «Forgotten Flag» discusses the representation of the traditional symbolism of flags. Here's an overview.

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Text von Nina Andre

Forgotten Flag (2020) is an installation made out of five different types of found fabrics that were sewn by hand, the resulting piece was painted with acrylic and installed hanging from two aluminum stands. 

The piece brings together the artist’s experimentation with physical materiality and textile as a new element in her artistic practice. Sewing as an analog practice becomes an act of meditation on territories, borders, power, and power dynamics. 

The artwork discusses the representation of the traditional symbolism of flags, as an element to demark ownership over the land, therefore its use as a dividing instrument and its link to nationalism, as well as the construction of identities. Arguing, as in other works by the artist ‘Untitled (While Traversing), 2021, that bodies are focal to the construction of territories.

In Forgotten Flag the conventional flag is reimagined as an exploration that seeks to question how territories and flags are viewed in the collective imagination. 

Artist Statement  – Nina Andre, Visual Artist, Filmmaker, and Cultural Worker

I create narratives that fuse realities with fictions, storytelling constantly appears as a subject of exploration, viewing each of my pieces as a separate object that in part also reflects the effects of form and material. In these last years, I have prioritized the physical material experience over the digital, recurring to other forms of experimentation, fusing my subject matter with the medium in practice, unveiling details of human experiences gravitating towards the deconstruction of the female body as well as discussing feminist perspectives on migration and territories, also dealing with intersectionality, the construction of memory, dystopias and utopias. My multidisciplinary work includes film, installations, paintings, drawings, collaborative workshops on feminism, poetry and text publications (both experimental and short stories), and textiles. My work has been exhibited in Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Canada, the US, and Singapore, among others. 

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25. August 2023

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