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Conversations about organic waste

Society is using more natural resources than the earth can replenish in the same time, marked as the earth overshoot day. With an emphasis on raw aesthetics and tactility, NOM.0 crafts interior objects made with organic waste and by-products to reflect their relevance. Thus, repurposed and decontextualised both become valuable resources for new materials.

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Text by Laura Lynn Reyes & Tim Christokat

From the beginning, designer Laura Lynn Reyes was intrigued by the question of how design can draw appreciation and a more positive connotation of «waste». Her plan was to turn the potential of waste into something tangible, something that finds its place back on the table to open conversations about this resource. 

To make materials from scratch and form new objects out of it, she collects organic waste from food productions in Switzerland and the local gastronomy in Zurich. It is an important aspect to incorporate components that have been produced as a by-product of edibles and not been overproduced food waste itself. 

Bioplastic made with grape pomace, avocado pits, lime peels

«It wasn‘t my aim to give food waste an appealing aesthetic. It left me with a feeling of contributing to waste, that could have been avoided by producing less food. So I chose peels, husks and pits for first experiments which worked fine, and those products only occasionally find another usage – all materials are easily compostable. UV and water resistance are challenges when it comes to biomaterials like these. Therefore, it‘s even more important that I reflect on possible areas of application over and over again to give each final object its own hand-crafted purpose. NOM.0bjects can be placed on tables, as sculptural centerpieces, arranged on shelves and be displayed on a working desk to keep it organized. This ensures that the material will reach its capacity of lifecycle.»

Pedestal Bowl 1.0 
A collab of NOM.0 and the Bottle Shop. Made with grape pomace from Weinbau Grob. 

In 2023 NOM.0 has been part of exhibitions and collaborations like those with photographer Tim Christokrat. In his still-life images, he showcases biomaterial samples and sculptural objects. 

Maybe this project opens up a conversation about waste as a resource. 

Materials & Objects by NOM.0
Images by Tim Christokat

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13. Januar 2024

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