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A reality far away from our own

With her art Aude-tte Lefort explores different methods to bring a whole other galaxy to life. What started off as a simple sketch turned into a complex but beautiful reality far away from the one we know.

Von Vanessa Votta

Artist Aude-tte Lefort started the project «Sinxuk Ja» a long time ago while she was working as a graphic designer in Paris. But at that time she just sketched a few pages of a notebook and left it in a corner of her head for years. When she left her job and everything she had in Paris to go volunteering in Spain and then in Central America, she gave herself time to fully pursue her art.

She completed an entire sketchbook with creatures and plants from another world. She just let her pencil glide over the paper and added the colors the same way. Like a meditation she just let everything she had kept tucked away in her head come to life on a piece of paper. The objects come to life on paper before she even properly thinks of them. 

She likes to think of this sketchbooks as a notebook from an adventurous non-human creature from somewhere far away. The adventurer is also in some unknown world and tries to describes everything passing behind her or his eyes. But of courses in her or his own language so we can only assume what they are thinking or saying. 

This is why I like to go into this new world, there are no rules, no truth. Everyone can make her or his own interpretation of the word they’re in. It is total freedom.

Aude-tte Lefort

Aude-tte is now living in Germany and tries to dedicate all of her free time to art. She developed more «Sinxuk Ja» and used different methods such as embroidery, sculptures and recently tattoos to make them come to life.


(This is one interpretation but everyone is free to make is own.)

«The Trecht is a plant of the Zychote family, its life cycle is relatively short and depends on the coexistence with the Scyhrto. It is mainly found in the semi-dry desert of Dz’tzitcho where it regulates the whole ecosystem. This plant which by its immense size can let you believe its the size of a tree is in reality closer to the size of mushrooms. 

We do not know when the first Trecht appeared, nor where it came from. However, its mode of reproduction has been well studied, which takes place in three phases: the so-called elementary phase, the expansion phase and the elimination phase. 

At the time of the elementary phase, the plant is in abundance on the sand around a «matrix» plant of which it is resulting. Only one of its plants will evolve until the expansion phase. This phenomenon, which has only been observed and transcribed once, is edifying. The elementary phase is indeed extremely slow. Just like the expansion phase since their cycle are copied one on the other and interdependent. It occurs when the matrix plant enters the phase of expansion and that occurs every 3000 to 5000 terrestrial years. So we have a plant in expansion phase in the center of a multitude of other plants in elementary phase. 

During the expansion phase, the «matrix» plant is consumed from the inside releasing «spores» on several thousands of kilometers (but like a compact cloud, the spores remain concentrated) until falling down several thousands of kilometers farther. The spores will then create a new ecosystem including a matrix plant and all around the plants known as elementary phase. At the end of the expansion phase, there is nothing left of the matrix plant. One of the plants in the elementary phase must then be «elected» as the matrix plant in order to guarantee the survival of the group. 

It is during this phase that the interdependence between the Trecht and Scyhrto species becomes crucial. First of all let’s talk about the Scyhrto, it is an animal that the Trecht uses as a host in order to ensure its own reproduction. The «host» animal does not die from this colonization and at the same time takes advantage of it to maintain its species in sufficient numbers to ensure its survival. During the expansion phase, the different members of the Scyhrto tribe migrate as if by magnetism to the center of the matrix plant. They go inside this one and when the matrix plant begins the process of self-destruction by emission of spore, they synchronize. The colonized Scyhrto are then released for the time of the expansion phase, as the plant self-consumes to release spores in response to the matrix plant.  

The two spores, although from the same species, are absolutely different and interdependent. If one of the spores is missing, the expansion phase does not succeed because the released spores are infertile. 

Without the interdependence of these two animal/plant species, the entire Dz’tzitcho desert would disappear. Indeed, the Trecht plants produce throughout their existence a very particular gas which makes it possible to maintain the inhabitable desert. When a plant does not succeed in realizing a fertile expansion then all the desert disappears with the matrix plant.»


There are some pages from the most recent «Sinxuk Ja» book discovered. Its made with ink and colored pencils. 


Embroidery of Groiles, a submarine creature that I left in a good hands in Poland. 

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